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Georgie Brown


Growing up in a family where horses were at the heart of everything we did, I was lucky enough to have these beautiful animals play a part in my life from the very beginning. Not only did horses teach me how to take responsibility and make decisions, but as I transitioned through adolescence and dealt with a number of challenges, they were my rock. When I was with them, I didn't have to worry about anything other than being present in the moment - there was never any expectation or judgement, they allowed me to just be me. 

As an adult, after gaining my degree in Psychology at Loughborough university, I spent my twenties working alongside a range of people in a variety of settings. In particular, whilst working for a management consultancy for 4 years I discovered the value of coaching in helping individuals to learn and develop. Being able to walk alongside others on their journey and support them as they learn how to overcome life's challenges, is something I never take for granted. Doing so, in the presence of horses has been truly enlightening and life -changing. 

Since completing a course with Operation Centaur and using an evidence based model of equine-assisted psychotherapy and coaching, based on two decades of research, l have seen the powerful transformation that comes through working with horses to help individuals process difficult emotions and experiences. I will never get tired of seeing the look on someone's face when they too, realise the change that is happening inside them. 

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